The importance of “making space” (and not filling it right back up again!)

I’ve been working through a challenge I set for myself at the beginning of spring – the Spring Pantry Challenge. The goal was to empty out a shelf of my pantry one at a time:

  • to remove the moths (which happen to love the whole foods I stock in there as much as I do. Little buggers!)
  • to tidy it all up – so I know what I have in there so I dont buy more (and waste it) unneccessarily
  • to save time when searching for things I thoguht I’d bought

Well, the simple little challenge became so much more.

It became a much bigger example of the challenges faced on a healthy journey when you’re trying to change your lifestyle (and diet) for the long term and so I thought I’d share some of those most important insights in a series here so you could apply them to your health journey too. Because as I say: “Getting healthy is one thing – maintaining it is another” and I am interested in the long term health journey.

So in this video I talk about “making space” and how important it is to be mindful of not immediately “filling it right back up again” – especially if you want long-lasting change.

Because too often I’ve heard the words “I dont know how this always gets so messy” or “I have no time!” (Sometimes its me saying them!) but then on looking closer, what I find is that although the person (or I) tidied out the shelf, or stopped doing something to make some free time, I was so unfortable with having that space – that I immediately filled it back up again with “stuff” either physical stuff (like more books on the book shelf;-) or things to do (books to write, videos to record, articles to research) thereby making me as busy as I was before.

So this video is a really special one. This stuff FASCINATES me. Over the years I’ve really come to realise that this “How to really change habits over the long term” (and all the other skills involved in the long term health journey) is more important than fancy biochemistry because all that knowledge in the world is completely useless if you are unable to actually apply it to your life every day for the long term.

SO enjoy the video!