Plant-based Diets & General Health

Plant based diets & General Health

There are many benefits to a plant based diet. In addition, plant-based diets are better for the environment. Hence in my practice I help people who are looking to transition to a plant based diet avoid some of the pit-falls (like how to avoid nutrient deficiencies, meal planning and recipe ideas to maximise nutrition and minimise preparation time) and I also help people who are already following plant based diets (vegetarians and vegans) with their health concerns. lw20 including natural fertility and or food intolerances.

My clinical philosophy is to work with people with diet and lifestyle factors first, and using supplementation only where neccessary. My goal is to have my clients rely as minimally as possible on supplementation (with the exception of Vitamin B12 which is hard for people to obtain without supplementation when they are on a pure plant-based or vegan diet). In the instances where supplementation is neccessary I have a vegetarian and vegan friendly  dispensary available.

In addition to having an Advanced Diploma in Nutrition Lisa has also done additional study and has completed a Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition.

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