Sweet-things, seasonings, snacks and spreads: Part 5 (the final) part of the fridge & pantry review!

Woo hoo! It’s time for Part 5. The last of the videos in my Fridge & Pantry Review (of 35 products).

Today I cover the more “fun” part of the pantry and fridge like:

  • snacks – what I have on hand to serve when I have guests coming over.
  • sauces (for salads = salad dressings:-)
  • sweet things (like desserts and sugar alternatives like rice malt syrup and coconut syrup (and how you can use it!)
  • spreads (the difference between hulled and unhulled tahini and other nut spread options and how to use them)
  • hot drinks – with my clinic approach to cutting out (or down) the caffeine.
  • with recipe ideas and time saving short cuts!

coffee and cup

Generally I find that when people change their diet, it’s not the 95% that’s still largely the same (eg. all those veggies and whole grains or legumes that are still suitable despite their food intolerance) that they miss.¬† Rather it’s the 5%, the little treats and things that have been associated with fond memories and comfort that people miss the most. Missing these foods can often be the cause of “undoing” when people don’t have more immediate reasons for changing their diets (unlike with a severe allergy, with food intolerances, so many people choose to put up with unpleasant side effects rather than maintain a diet change in the long term).¬† So this part of the review is realising that for long term sustainable changes (so we can maintain our health after we’ve gained it), we really need to have on hand some great options that still give the comfort, but suit our new dietary guidelines and you’ll really be surprised, we are so luncky right now because there are more options out there than ever before…

So without further ado… if you’re as excited about Part 5 as I am, click on the link below to check it out:-)

I’ve designed these resources so that you may come back to them again and again and from now on you’ll be able to find all the links right here in the free resources page.

So did you learn about some new options here you didn’t know about previously? Let me know by leaving a comment below:-)