Part 4 Time-saving lunch & dinner options – from the Fridge & Pantry Review

In this part of the review, I go through some time-saving lunch and dinner options.

If  you recall in video 1 I talk about the naturopathic food hierarchy, where we’d love it if everyone could always eat organic fresh whole foods, grind out own flour etc, but the reality is that most people don’t have the time, the space or the money to eat 100% organic all the time.

Also, when you’re first changing your diet over, there are so many new things to take on board which takes up a lot of time but also emotional and mental energy. (Like learning to)read labels, trying new recipes (which always take a lot longer the first time you cook them!) and just generally changing your shopping habits, especially if your local supermarket doesn’t stock everything you need anymore).

So having some time-saving options like some healthier or what I refer to as “quick from scratch” or “home fast food” (which are basically meals which although made from packaged ingredients are the best options among those like this one in the picture below.

After you watch the 10 minute video, you’ll be able to put this together in <15 minutes too.
This is one of my all time time-saving favourites.
The ingredients are in the video but this picutre and the method isn’t.

Basically, heat up some well rinsed canned chickpeas (I give you some guidelines on what to look for when it comes to canned), add your favourite pre-made sauce (or use your own that you can make in bulk and have on hand). Heat it all up then serve it over baby spinach. I’ve used the organic spinach thats in the video as I am a shocking gardener and the only thing thriving in my backyard is the italain parsley my dad planted and the aloe vera I bought after a herbal medicine retreat years ago sadly its the only survivor from the many herbs I bought;-) Anyway, I digress, do  what works for you to get the fresh greens in your life:-)

STP83956All this is from “packaged” ingredients, but it’s as close to whole foods as you can get for this sort of convenience and even better you don’t require any fancy cooking equipment!

So if check out video 4.  where I cover:

packaged whole foods

  • Some quick filling lunch options
  • Crackers that are crunchy (not cardboardy)
  • A dairy and soy-free cheese alternative that actually tastes like cheese
  • salad veggies
  • As well as some packaged dinner options
  • Premade sauces
  • Canned legumes (and what to look for when buying canned foods)
  • Grain options like rice and quinoa
  • Gluten-free pastas
  • And of course…. recipe ideas

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Next up is Part 5. The final part in this review. In part 5  I cover

  • sauces
  • condiments
  • hot drinks
  • desserts
  • sugar alternatives
  • dips
  • and more!

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