Interesting Resources


Here are the links to some videos which I may reference in clinic because of the ideas discussed.

This one is about the paleo diet – The paleo diet as a concept isn’t based on research because the foods in today’s diet arent like their historical counterparts. It’s an interesting video.

I Like this video – the name is unfortunate but the message is interesting. He gives a theory in this talk about why some people adapt to purely plant-based diets better than other people. He is only discussing a theory he has and is using the observation and research which supports his theory but this hasn’t actually been specificially tested by research (because the extremeists who are healthy with their diet think the people who have problems are weak or lazy and so there isn’t a lot of supportive conversation around the topic – so I really like that Dr. Klapper (a medical doctor) has asked the question and sought to explain it.

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