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One of the things I’m passionate about is helping people with the “how” part of health because getting healthy is one thing, but maintaining it is another, especially once the novelty wears off…So to help you get started I’ve got some free resources…


Every day recipe ideas

When you change your lifestyle I find there are 2 things people wonder and worry about.

  1. What can I eat now? (Like trying to think of what to cook each night wasn’t challenging before!) and..
  2. Wondering… will I ever be able to indulge in some of my old favourites ever again?

So I’ve put together a FREE ebook with 10  SIMPLE recipes using SIMPLE ingredients 🙂

Every day food ideas for Everyday people






Click here to access the ebook.

Video Resources.

Volume 1: Pantry & Fridge review: 35 everyday products for everyday people.

This is a video of things I’ve tried and liked and generally recommend to my clients as a starting place when they come to see me in clinic.

It’s a sneak peek into my pantry.

Part 1. Intro

Part 2 & 3 Milk alternatives and breakfast foods & reading labels

Part 4 Time-saving Lunch & Dinner Options.

Part 5: Sweet-things, seasonings, spreads, snacks & hot drinks

 Full length review (57 minutes)

(Watch the whole video in one go)

LWN 35 Everyday Products Pantry Review short v2 July 2014







Also Check out the Recipes or look at the tag cloud or type in the food you are searching for to see all relevent posts.

Information Articles

Don’t forget to also check out the Information Articles or check out the tag cloud or type in what you’re looking for in the Search box to the right. And if you don’t find it there… email me because I’m always looking for new material that people would like to see covered:-)

Alternative Chef Kitchen


Episode 1: The Lasagne Episode

Episode 2: The Milk Alternatives Episode

Episode 3: The Cold Drinks Episode

Episode 4: The Hoummus Episode

Episode 5: The Mayonnaise Episode


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Learn how to healthily stock your pantry

Receive instant access to a free video training which will show you 35 dairy and gluten free plant-based products you can stock in your pantry (and most of them are available from your local supermarket)