Clinic & Consultations

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What happens in a consultation?

At your consultation, Lisa will ask you a number of details regarding your current and previous health, including some details of your family health history, your current diet and lifestyle and details regarding your current or previously prescribed medicines and supplements. So that Lisa may minimise any chances of interactions between her recommendations and any medical care you are currently undertaking, it is essential that the information you provide is current and accurate, one way of ensuring this is to bring your current medications or supplements to your appointment. Please note, Lisa is not a medical doctor therefore she cannot diagnose diseases or alter prescribed medications. As a naturopath, her goal is to provide care that complements the care you may be receiving from other health care providers.

At the consultation Lisa may take your weight and blood pressure and some other simple in-clinic tests (discussed with you first). At the end of the consultation, Lisa will provide you with a plan outlining a naturopathic approach to your health query. Generally the approach involves a nutritional plan (foods to include, foods to avoid, general guidelines for meals where relevant), when, how and which supplements or herbs to implement (if relevant, sometimes a liquid herb blend may be recommended and prepared if you consent, sometimes nutritional supplements, sometimes neither – it depends on your specific needs and circumstances) and lifestyle recommendations (these are often overlooked but can make a big difference to your health).

Stress is a big factor in the modern world, and Lisa appreciates that time and money are two contributors to stress for the average person, she will take this into account when she draws up your “naturopathic prescription”.

Depending on your health query follow-up appointments may be necessary. The booking of follow-up appointments are generally done at the end of the consultation and booked for a fortnight to 3 weeks after your initial consultation at a time which is convenient for you. Subsequent follow-up consultations are then usually 3-6 weeks apart (it all depends on your specific needs, generally if a number of changes are being made, then your follow-ups will be closer together until a “maintenance plan” is set up).

Health fund rebates may apply, enquire with Lisa for more details.

Lisa is available by appointment only. The clinic is located in Keswick, South Australia.

To book an appointment, see the contact page. Be sure to leave your name and your contact phone number with an appropriate time for Lisa to call you back.